• Dick Sharber

How Do You See It?

Many of us have put up a new year's calendar, but find ourselves wondering if the old year is really over yet. Many await an available vaccine. Along with when a favorite place may reopen, or school or work get back to some kind of normal. And when and if the masks can come off. We cannot hurry such dates along. But how we look at them can make a difference.

What's normal life? Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble (Job 14).

Partially because sin has infected the ground and short-circuited the perfection of the created order. Even as sin has damaged me and those around me.Those who have lived through depression or war or pandemic or extended unemployment, or personal loss find that just hanging on and not giving up can be challenge enough. We remember that many in the world face an on-going shortage of sufficient food or housing or safety. Heaven will put an end to such things. But we're not there yet. We face suffering or deprivation or disability, aiming to live as fully as we can when some yearnings go unfulfilled.

Who am I now? By the grace of God, I am what I am (1 Corinthians 15). We look deeper than our immediate needs and frustrations to see that we are loved by our heavenly Father and have been created with value and purpose. I can give thanks that who I am is more crucial and lasting than my circumstances.That is where peace and contentment begin.

Where am I going? The Spirit sent him into the desert for forty days (Mark 1). Life in the

wilderness is no fun, but it has a purpose. We have reason especially this season to expect that some of our struggles have an ending. And for a reason: to help get us ready for a better season. Stronger in endurance, more genuine in faith, deeper in love. That's a good reason to enter into the struggles and uncertainties of this season with hope.

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